Shortage of Freshwater

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What is Desalination?
  • Desalination is the process of removing salt and minerals from saline water.
  • Used on seagoing ships and submarines, this method provides drinking water for people on board by changing the seawater into freshwater.
  • After desalinated then it can be used as drinking water.

What Countries are Already Using Desalination?

Desalination plants operate in more than 120 countries around the world including Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Malta, Portugal, Greece, Italy, India, China, Japan and Australia.

Not necessarily the whole of these countries use desalination but desalinated water reaches at least a part of the country.

How will Desalination Affect the Society?

As great as desalination may sound it does come with several problems. As many people say, try to conserve nature. Building a desalination plant will probably result in the process of destroying nature and cutting down many trees, desalination plants do take up a lot of space!

If no noise barriers are made it will definitely be very noisy and people might begin complaining.


  • Why is there a shortage of freshwater?
  • What will happen if we don't solve this problem?
  • Why do countries use desalination?
  • Advantages & disadvantages of desalination

  • Statistics and facts

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