Jackie Robinson


1 Jackie Robinson Birth date & death date

Jackie Robinson was born in January 31, 1919, Cairo, GA October 24,1972, Stamford Ct.

2 portrait

his face.

3 dis person is famous for


4 This childhood

He liked to play baseball in high school, he played with his brothers.

5 Describe their adulthood

Went he was big he was playing baseball with hes friend.

6 Jackie Robson

the thing the I learn about this person he the first baseball player.

7 In Five Word

He is strong best baseball player.

8 five fast fact

Fifty years after he became the first modern black player, Major League baseball chose his number as the first one to ever retire for every team.

9 Three most Important facts

I know about this person because he was the fist baseball player in major league baseball.

10 Resources

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