After Church Discussion Time

Studying the Psalms

The best after church discussion group

Join us during January, February and March on the 4th Sunday of the month for our after church discussion group on the Psalms. Help us try to illustrate the chosen Psalm with visual art, sing, pray and talk together.

4th Sunday in January-June at the East Baldwin Congregational Church in East Baldwin.

The discussion begins at approximately 10:15 and will end at 11:00 AM. All are welcome to join in. Our physical address is 26 School Street, just off RT. 113 in East Baldwin.

The first three months of our discussion topics.

A time to ask your questions and talk about what might be puzzling you besides learning some new things to help you open your heart to the Biblical words.


Do I have to bring my Bible? `There are pew bibles which you may use for the readings.

What if I don't know the Bible very well? Then you are among the vast majority who do not.

Will I have to ask questions? No, not if you do not feel up to it.

What if I am called upon for an answer? You are free to say "Pass" this time.

Why are we studying the Psalms? The daily grind of life can have a cooling effect on our spiritual life and so we need that spark to be reignited from time to time with Biblical Study and the Psalms are known as the songbook of God's people. This course is designed to reaffirm, rekindle, or reawaken your spiritual life by exploring the breadth and depth of what we mean by God-centered worship.

The First Congregational Church of East Baldwin welcomes all of God's children to join in worship, conversation, learning, remembering, and gathering.