OVCA Community Outreach News

April 2016

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Welcome to the April Edition of OVCA Marketing News!

This information is to provide you with a quick look at our events and projects by month as it pertains to marketing and school development.

Earned Media Story Theme

April/May/June: graduation/alumni

Our PR firm is looking for stories of students who are graduating or have graduated from OVCA. Stories should be submitted as soon as possible so there is plenty of time to pitch it to the media.

Community Events/Partnerships

Oklahoma Aquarium Run April 2

Tulsa Family Fun Fair April 9

OCCC Week of the Young Child event April 14

Norman Music Festival April 28

In-Person Events

Parent Guided/Q&A Sessions - These events are for interested (not currently enrolled families) to learn more about OVCA.

April 4 Tulsa and OKC

Start Up Success Sessions

April 5 OVCA Office

April 7 OSU-Tulsa

April 12 OSU-Tulsa

April 14 OVCA Office

April 19 OVCA Office

April 21 OSU-Tulsa

April 26 OSU-Tulsa

April 28 OVCA Office

Online Information Sessions

Tuesday April 26

Other Projects

OVCA Ambassador Program Information Meeting April 6

PD Presentation April 8

HOS/LDM/RD Marketing Sync Meeting April 14

Admin Meeting April 19

For more information about marketing/school development, email Alissa Olden aolden@k12.com.