Much Ado about Nothing

Yash Patel, Axel Sanchez, Chris Cervantes, Joshua Shallua

Our theme was "Time Changes People''.

Time Changes People was our theme that we feel was expressed throughout the entire book. You could go anywhere from Benedick and Beatrice to Claudio and much about anywhere, you can see that time changes people.

Quote that matches "Time Changes People"

The Quote that we found that matches with the theme was said by John Porter. John Porter was a english producer. He was born September 11th, 1947. He made the quote "People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right to do a difficult thing''. Our interpretation of this quote was that people can change no matter the circumstances. People can always change if they focus and want to adapt.
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Quote from the Novel that support our theme

Page 71, Line 238

On this page, Benedick is talking about how he was going to be a bachelor and he wasn't going to get married. Here on Line 238, he says "When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I shall live till the day I married''. He is clearly shocked that he is in love with someone.

Other Works that exemplify our theme.

Harry Potter Series

In the entire Harry Potter series, Harry Potter changed from time as the series went on. At the beginning of the series, he was very shy and calm. As he has different experiences at Hogwarts, he changes into a brave and daring man who takes risks and takes on famous people. Throughout time, Harry changed his personality and the actions he takes.
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Theme in the Novel vs. Harry Potter

Theme in the Novel

The theme was portrayed throughout the entire novel. The main link to this theme in the book were Benedick and Beatrice. Benedick and Beatrice did not even want to look at each other, let alone get married. As the novel progressed from the beginning to the end, they started to like each other even more and ended up getting married at the end. Other examples of Time changes people in the book would be Claudio. On page 21 and continuing, Claudio is talking about how before, all he did was talk about war. Now, after he saw Hero for the first time, he is now just thinking about love. Before, they described Claudio as a man who wouldn't get involved in all this love. Now after time has passed in the book, all he can think about is getting married to Hero. In contrast to Harry Potter, there were more change dealing with love and their personalities rather than action like Harry Potter.

Theme in Harry Potter

The theme Time Changes People is portrayed in different characteristics and actions compared to the novel. In the beginning, Harry is a adoptive child. He was very shy and didn't really do anything we see exciting Harry could do. Then as he was at Hogwarts, instead of being shy, he changed to being more open and ended up making more and more friends and some enemies. The Theme in Harry Potter was more dealing with the actions that Harry had took.

The Theme in our Life

How does the theme affect our lives? What can we learn from the theme, "Time Changes People.''

Our Theme in Everyday Life

Time Changes People could be used in the everyday life in many ways. We can apply the theme to our actions. Many people find it hard to accept change in their lives, change in their personality, and change in other aspects of our everyday lives. Change is a vital factor of our everyday life, every single day. We must accept change and welcome it. The lesson that we can learn from this is to never be stubborn. Don't ever turn down change. It could be a good thing. That is the lesson we can learn from this theme.