Care for the Reproductive System

By: Gabriella Ellis


A mammogram is an examine of the breast. To get a mammogram test done you get an x-ray of your breast. This type of care protects you from breast cancer or showing early signs of it. They test women who have breast cancer or have no signs at all just to be safe. They take an x-ray of each breast and check to see if their are any undetected tumors. When they test women who have previously had breast cancer they check to see after they have been treated if any tumors have grown back. For this kind of examine it is best suited for women only and best benefit them at the ages of 40-74. But you should start getting examines at the age of 35. Every two years you should get a mammogram.

Pap Smear

A pap smear is an examine of the woman's cervix. This type of examination is specifically for women only. When examining the cervix doctors are looking to see if there are any abnormal cells growing on or near the cervix. To do this they take a small brush and wipe a sample of mucus from the cervix and send it off to the lab to be checked. You should get your first pap smear usually at the age of 21 or earlier if your doctor thinks you should. Once you have your first pap smear you should get a pap smear every 3 years after that.

Testicular Exams

A testicular examination is specifically for men only. This type of exam is a self examination that men can do to themselves to check the testicles for any unusual lumps or bumps. They should do this often to know what is normal to them and when something is wrong. This exam tests for cancer that is found in testicles. Teenage males at the age of 15 should check themselves regularly. This examination should be done at least once a month.

Prostate Exams

This type of examination is mainly directed towards males. This exam looks for cancer in the prostate area. This exam is when doctors do an examine of the rectal area to see if there are anything abnormal. Men should start getting test at the age of 40. To perform this type of exam is performed by your doctor. They insert there gloved and lubricated fingers into the rectum area to check for prostate cancer. This can help minimize the risk of prostate cancer or catch it early on.