Rountree Report

April 29, 2016

Thank A Teacher

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you for seeing the possibilities in each of our students! Your impact is forever!

Thank you so much for all you do for our students each day. The compassion and kindness you display is noticed and is creating world changers among us. May you feel appreciated and loved always but especially this week!

  • Several members of the Core team mentioned doing Awards in classrooms this year. Awards are currently on the calendar for May 18th. If you are not planning to do Awards in the gym please let me know ASAP. Communication is going out to parents this week. Grade levels need to be in agreement on the decision. If I do not hear from you by email on Monday then I will assume you are fine with having awards in the gym.
  • Please take a few moments to complete the survey Brittany created to offer feedback about the feather system.
  • Grade level meetings this week with me will be focused on creating class lists. Directions are included at the bottom of the report. (5th grade we will discuss student information we want to pass along to middle schools.) If there is time available you can also work on inventories. Inventory directions and the master inventory are linked below and have been shared with you in your google drive. Inventories must be completed by the last day of school.

MAP testing is finished! Thanks to everyone for keeping the hallways quiet and preparing our students to do their best!

Our next staff meeting will take place on May 10th.

The date for Canvas training part 2 is coming. It will be happening one day next week. I am waiting on confirmation.

Monday, May 2

Breakfast provided by University Heights

3rd grade Cardinals trip 9-1:30

SPLS several of us will be out of the building. I will be available by phone or by text if you have an emergency.

Tuesday, May 3

PTA is providing Bambino's for lunch

2nd grade field trip 9-11:30

STEAM night 6-7:30 Huge thanks to Missie for all of her time and effort in planning this event!

Wednesday, May 4

Famous Dave's lunch


Thursday, May 5

Fazoli's Salad and breadstick lunch

Specialty collaboration (morning)

Friday, May 6

Culver's soup lunch

12:30-2 Choir competition

Dessert treat in the afternoon

Rhythm of Rountree will be performing from 12:30-1 at Artsfest on Saturday. If you can make it they would love your support!

Making class lists

Each grade level, K-4, will need to meet to develop class lists for next year. Please keep in mind this is a working copy for me. It will be necessary for the building admin to make changes based on information of which you may not be aware. Your goal will be to develop “balanced” classrooms using the following criteria.

--Prepare the class lists without assigning any teacher’s name to the list.

--Use a colored dot to the left of each name (crayon, marker, colored pencil, etc.) based on the following:

Green- high academic performance

Yellow- average academic performance

Red- low academic performance

“W”- WINGS student- either participating or qualified

“IEP”- sped

“SP IEP”- speech only sped

“504”- student on 504 plan

“B”- behavior concerns

--Color code stars by pupils names when they need to be in different rooms. (For example Johnny A and Billy B cannot be together. Both students will have an orange star by both their names.)

--There should be approx an equal number of boys and girls in each class.

K- two lists 1st- two lists 2nd-two lists

3rd- two lists 4th- two lists

Please remember that class lists can cause some angst among parents. The list you submit needs to be confidential and not discussed with parents. I will post class lists late summer. As you know, changes will most likely be made. Hopefully, those changes will be minimal. After new student registration in August, the lists will be finalized.

Employee Recognition

Take some time to nominate a colleague this week. You are doing outstanding things! Let's recognize each other!