Paris , France

The city of love , fashion , and art

Exqusite Foods

There are all kinds of different foods in Paris. Bread is a huge specialty , like croissants and cinnamon bread. Some famous French appetizers are escargots in garlic butter sauce or mushrooms in a creamy wine sauce. And to wash that all that down you can drink a nice French wine or for the children some sweet apple cider. Or if your not feeling for French food ethnic cooking is becoming more and more popular so now you can have Indian , Italian , Mexican , and Thai food in wide varietys. If your looking for a different flavor of food Paris is your city!

Culture History and Art

Paris is full of History , Culture , and Art. Paris's main religion is Christianity BUT that doesn't mean your religion isn't there too! If your feeling artistic go to a museum with Paris's culture and art you will certainly not be bored, Paris's History is truly phenomenal you will see many historical sights. Some Fabulous museums are The Louvre , Musee d'Orsay , Centre Georges and much more. Amazing history and culture findings await every visitor in Paris!

Tourism , Activites , Entertainment

Get your cameras ready because your going to need them with Paris's Fascinating activites and entertainment your going to be using them 24/7 ! From the eye-popping Eiffel tower to the exciting Disney world picking a place for you and the children is going to be hard. Oprah is a favorite to many take a break and go listen to the soothing sound of an oprahist. Having fun already? take your children to one of Paris's many parks and have a nice picnic in the sun. Or if your the fancy type go to an exquisite restaurant like Le Meurice with elegant lace everywhere and expensive silverware not loving it will be impossible! With Paris's millions of activites not trying to do all of this will be extremely hard !

Landmarks, history, and amazing sites

Oo La la , those gorgeous sites! See them of be missing out on the time of your life! The Eiffel Tower is the worlds most famous structure with its strong steel structure, and marvelous detailing it is loved by many. Looking for historical sights well Paris has so many it will be hard to just choose one ! The French Revolution is an important part of history learn more about it at some of its historical sights. Or go to the Arc De Triomphe a miraculous landmark for you and your lover! Astounding landmarks, Educational sights, and much more not only will Paris be fun but a goo learning experience !

The language of love

The language of love and happiness is in your ears! The French language is influenced by Spanish and English. French is also a very easy language to learn; with just a little help you will speak like a pro!It is also estimated that 40-45% of French has English origins. So it is never too late to learn the language of love! <3

Rain or Shine

From hot to cold, the weather is Paris is unpredictable! Bring a bathing suit in the summer because temperatures can get up to 100°f. Or if its the winter a thick coat and HEAVY clothing is requested. So be prepared for weather of all types!
Eiffel Tower - Paris, France