Dietary Guidelines

By: Sydnee Cummings

What are Dietary Guidelines for Americans ?

Dietary Guidelines for Americans provide advice to help people live longer,healthier lives. It gives you a good reflect on where nutrients are found and other things like health risk.A health risk is the likelihood of developing health problems , such as heart disease and cancer.

Whole grain, fruits, vegetables, and milk

Whole gains, fruits, vegetables , and milk should be a main part of your meal to provide your calories. There are many benefits in these foods because they hold rich nutrients, cholesterol free, and naturally low fat and calories . There are many ways to include these foods into your diet by drinking milk at every meal or even eating a fruit instead a sugary dessert .


You need fats but only in small amounts. Two types of fats that are bad are Trans fats and Saturated fats. If you take too much of these fats you can get disease like heart disease or diabetes. You can always moderate the food you take in with these substance by looking on the nutrient labels of the foods you eat.

Choosy about carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can come into two forms

Sugars-candy, soft drinks, and chips

Starches- flour, milk, and vegetables

You should always limit what you take in because it can raise your high blood pressure

Sodium Reduce and Potassium Increase

Sodium helps control body fluid. However too much sodium can linked to high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke. Potassium helps affect on blood pressures like fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Teens should avoid alcoholic beverages,including,beer,and wine. Drinking any of them can affect, or influence your judgement, that can lead to accidents and injuries. Heavy drinking can lead to emotional and physical abuse.