Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's 5th Grade


Tuesday, December 1st - Holiday Boutique at 10:30-11:00am
Thursday, December 10th - Social Studies Chapter 4 Test
Friday, December 11th - Bullying Presentation by School Counselor
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Mrs. Jaeger's Fifth Grade Class - 1st Marking Period Feedback

I cannot believe that we have completed our first marking period! Your children have grown so much as learners and as citizens in our classroom in such a short amount of time.
Not only is the end of a marking period a time for students to reflect on their performance, but it is also a time for teachers to reflect on their performance as well. I truly believe growing as a professional teacher requires not only evaluations from administration and completing self-reflections, but also receiving feedback from students and parents. It is my goal as a classroom teacher to continue to grow as a professional and to make improvements that will benefit my students.

I would ask that you take an opportunity to complete the following report card for me. You do not have to include your name as it is feedback that I am requesting. I am curious as to the areas you feel are my strengths and the areas that you feel I could improve. I would like to thank you in advance for taking time from your schedule to complete the following report card for me.

If you could find a few moments in your schedule to answer the following questions between now and December 7th, I would greatly appreciate it. I know with the holidays quickly approaching that your free time is limited.

Please access the survey using the link below.


This week students will return to the the Comprehension Toolkit program. We will continue to explore how to merge our thinking with what we are reading and work towards distinguishing important information. We will be applying the graphic organizers in the Toolkit program with various non-fiction articles and our Social Studies text book.

See below for photos and questions related to our most recent novel study.


This week in writing students will be revisiting the structure of writing dialogue and how to add variety when the dialogue continues for a few exchanges. Students will do this through the use of adding speech bubbles to comic strips and then transforming the dialogue in the speech bubbles to formal written structure. We will be using students' independent reading books for examples of structure and format. At the end of the week, students will 'Lift A Line' from Sarah Bareilles' song, Brave. They will then listen to the song as they write about the lyric line they connected with. We have done this activity earlier in the year with the song, Count on Me by Bruno Mars.

Social Studies

We will switch to Social Studies during the month of December and learn, 'How and Why Europeans Came to the New World'. Students will begin the unit (chapter 4) trying to connect their travels to the travels of the Europeans. We will spend a period making flash cards of important vocabulary and then spend the remaining periods reading, discussing, and taking notes. Students will end the unit with an archaeological dive and work in teams to identify objects and the motives Europeans had for traveling the seas in exploration. We will also talk about what studying 'looks like' so that students do not get the impression that studying = no homework ;0). Remember you can access the text book, review questions, and flash cards from the social studies website http://student.teachtci.com/student/sign_in . Student log-in information is in the front of their Assignment Book.