Eighth Amendment

Stephon Burnom

Why did they add it?

This Amendment was added to the bill of rights to protect the people from unusual or cruel punishment from the Government, it was also added to make sure the government wouldn't make anybody pay overpriced fines to bail themselves or anybody else out of jail. Lastly it was added to make sure that people don't have to pay outrageous fines for doing small crimes such as speeding or stealing candy from a dollar store.

What is the 8th Amendment?

The Eighth Amendment basically states that "Nobody will have to pay overpriced fines for either small crimes or to bail anybody out of jail, and the Government cant give anybody cruel or unusual punishment for any reason at all.

What are some court cases?

Well there are many court cases but i found these two interesting,"Mentally retarded man killed a random stranger in 1989." Another case is that "Jail is denying a prisoner's medical attention which violates the Eighth Amendment

Mentally retarded Man murders somebody

In 1989 a Mentally Retarded man has been convicted of murder and is on trial for death sentence. The court wasn't sure if they should execute the man due to the fact that he was mentally retarded. After months of thinking they decided to let Texas execute the man because of one reason"He is a murderer."

Jail is denying a prisoner's medical attention which violates the Eighth Amendment

A prisoner injured himself from unloading a bale of cotton at the prison and was given "insufficient" medical help according to the prisoner. He stated that because of them not giving him good medical health it made him feel cruel pain and that it violates the Eighth Amendment.

What did the Court do?

The court claimed that the Jail wasn't disobeying the Eighth Amendment and giving the man cruel punishment but it was only Medical Malpractice. they let him back to the prison due to the fact that its the public's job and not theirs.
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"Denying Prisoners medical attention violates the Eighth Amendment"