Iphone Parental Control App

iPhone Parental Control App For Better Child Safety

Modern day parents have a lot of fears to grapple with regarding their children’s safety. The Internet and mobile phone technology have made it possible for children to connect with anyone from any part of the world. While there are many advantages to the Internet, such as the vast world of knowledge that is practically at our fingertips, the fact remains that there is also a dark side to the Internet which children may not be aware of. This is the world of cyber bullying, child predators, etc. While smartphones can keep parents connected to their children 24 x 7, it also leaves children open to contacts from unsavory characters. As a parent, what can you do to ensure your child is safe on their smartphone without having to actually take it away?

The iPhone parental control app is the answer to all of these questions and dilemmas. Now, you can install the Spy App without jailbreak on the iPhone, thus ensuring that there is no compromise on the security and privacy features of the phone as it can be downloaded straight from the Apple Store. This app is rich in a lot of features which are guaranteed to give you peace of mind knowing that you will know if your child is ever in trouble. Some of the amazing features in the Spy App are the Whatsapp monitoring tool, Skype spy monitor, spy GPS tracking, Geofencing, key logger, device wipeout, device locking, and much more.

The Whatsapp monitoring tool lets parents view all messages that are shared on this popular instant messaging app, from photos to texts to videos and audio messages. The Whatsapp activity can also be monitored directly from the control panel on the parent’s device.

The Skype spy monitor lets parents track all the calls made on Skype as well as read all the chats on Skype. As in the Whatsapp monitoring tool, the Skype spy monitor also lets parents monitor all Skype activity on any iOS devices from the control panel of their device.

The spy GPS tracking feature gives parents their children’s location on a very detailed map. Even if regular GPS cannot be accessed the app still works by connecting with other nearby WiFi networks. The geofencing feature that is connected with this sends parents an alert whenever the phone crosses a certain limit or boundary set by the parents. This lets parents know if their children have been visiting places that they are not supposed to visit. The spy GPS tracking also informs parents if their children are not where they said they would be. This helps parents to keep an eye on children and ensure that they are safe. Even if the children don’t tell parents where they are, if they should ever get into any trouble, parents can easily notify the authorities for help for their child through this feature.

The Spy App is easy to download and even easier to install. It is discrete and confidential and a must-have for hassled parents.