Improving Race Relations in America

Written by: Connor Mullee

Slavery in America

Slavery began with the triangular trade. The triangular trade was a trade between The English colonies, Africa, and South america.The triangular trade brought in things called slave ships. Slave ships were ships which brought over many slaves from other countries into the English Colonies. People brought over slaves because they needed them to help produce more raw materials. There were so many slaves in the southern part because they had richer soil to grow more raw materials such as cotton. Slavery was effected by the cotton gin because the need for slaves was much less because the cotton gin could do the same work as the slaves in a shorter time.

Slaves were treated very poorly and unfair. A typical day of a slave consisted of working in the field from sunrise to sunset, even young children and the elderly were forced to work a full day. Most slaves would have Sunday, and holidays off. Slaves only ate one meal per-day, which make working in the fields incredibly harder. At the end of the day the slaves would be very tired although many slaves didn't have beds and they would sleep on planks of wood in a shack made of sticks with dirt floors. Slaves were treated unfairly from the whites.

Slavery ended in eighteen sixty five, with the Emancipation Proclamation. Also it was issued the 13th Amendment stated Slavery or involuntary servitude would be allowed in the United states. Slavery lasted eighty nine years. Slavery ended but, discrimination against African Americans did not. Slave codes existed and made it illegal to eat, go to school, and drink at the same water fountain as whites. There were also slave codes saying that on a bus, a white could take your seat and there was nothing you could do about but listen, also African Americans were not allowed to vote. And if you committed a crime you would not have a trial but go straight to jail.

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Plan To Improve Race Relations

My Plan to Improve Race relations Is to create a video game. It will be called "Race Relations:The Game" and will be narrated by Morgan Freeman. The game will Take place at a present time period and will be about how an African American was wrongly accused of Murder by a white police officer. You will have to go back through the main characters thoughts and find proof that you are innocent. this game will be fairly easy to win to keep kids interested and will be a CD, Xbox, and PS4 game so most people will be able to play it.

This game will not only teach you a lot about how African Americans are treated unfairly but have action to catch the eye of all ages. It will be rated T for teen and be a free game so more people will be interested.It will be a role playing game where you have to choose what to say in court. If you say the right things and make the right choices, by finding proof throughout his past thoughts.if you win it will give you a facts sheet about slavery and a certificate that you can print out and hang on your refrigerated.

On the release date for the game there will be a big event. Morgan Freeman will be there and there will be famous people like, Justin Bieber, Micheal Phelps, and Lebron James, They will be trying the game out for the first time.Also Justin Bieber will be performing at the event to raise money for charities. there will be food and drinks and it will be free to come to and everyone will be welcome. The event will be on February, 7, 2016, Black History Month. This event is to promote "Race Relations: The Game" and will last for six to eight PM.

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