How to Prevent Field Bullying

No More Bullys!

Preventing Bullying

Bullying can happen anywhere, but we see it most on the field. Types of bullying that can happen on the field are social, verbal and physical. If you see bullying, speak up or go to an adult. It is not okay! Let's find a way to stop it. The field is a common place for bullying. It is a place where only few adults roam. With few adults to help, bullies are more likely to be there. If you are bullied, do not be afraid. Speak up, and help stop it!

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Don't Be Afraid

If you are bullied, you mustn't be be filled with fear. Often bullies bully you because they want to feel better about themselves. Just remember that a teacher or other adults will always be there to help and protect you. If you are a bystander, run and get an adult as soon as you see bullying happen.