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5 Tasks of a Biologist

1. Cultivate, breed, and grow aquatic life.

2. Supervise biological technicians, technologists, and others.

3. Study and manage wild animal population.

4. Program and use computers to store, process, and analyze data.

5. Prepare plans for management of renewable resources.

5 Working Conditions of a Biologist

1. Usually work regular office hours.

2. Can work long hours if working out in the feild.

3. Work in offices and laboratories, and they also work on boats, at sea, or in isolated coastal areas in all weather conditions.

4. Travel to field study sites, and may travel around the country or overseas to attend conferences or training.

5. At times, Biologist do have to work under pressure.

Degree/ Cerificate/ Training Necessary for a Biologists

Classas Rquired:

BIO 1404 Biosciences I
BIO 1413 Biosciences II
CHE 1103 General Chemistry I
MAT 1193 Calculus for the Biosciences
PHY 1943 Physics for Scientists I or Phy 1603 Algebra-based Physics I

Degrees Suggested:

Bachelors Degree - Ph.D.

Yearly Salary Range in Alaska for Biologist

40,000- 122,420 dollars is how much that I would make if I bacame a biologist in the state of Alaska. 40,000 being the low and 122,420 being the high.


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