Rossett Reflections

T & L strategies by teachers, for teachers.

Issue 5 Monday 9th May, 2016

What is it all about?

As busy teachers working hard in our departments, sharing successful strategies wider than our own departments (or even within!) can often be really difficult.

Rossett Reflections seeks to distribute up-to-date (or even some old-school, tried and tested but perhaps forgotten) and easy-to-access/adapt T & L strategies as proposed by you, for other colleagues.

Issue five relates to 'student voice' and what students report as being effective and enjoyable for their learning.

What's the point in Student Voice?

Many people may be sceptical about the value of student voice. Won't students just complain? Won't students just say they prefer the activities where they don't have to work very hard?

Research does show that students learn best when challenged and engaged in the classroom. If we can use strategies that students enjoy and avoid the ones they don't, why don't we? After all, if we do what we've always done, we'll just get what we've always got.

Students were asked to reflect upon and provide activities across school that they enjoy doing/ feel they learn well from, and reflect upon and provide activities that they don't enjoy/ feel are less effective for their learning.

Have a read... they make for interesting reading and consideration (particularly the Sixth Form comments!)

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