Kelsey Weston

Communication Today

Technology is changing all the time which is changing the way that the leaders have to connect with people. Communication in today's world is open because people today have the ability to communicate with many different people around the world. Communication with technology has empowered social change in leaders today because anything a leader does or may say can be reached by anyone across the world. Humans are very social beings that need strong communication from a leader to make sure there points get across (Patmore). By using technology and social networking leaders have the chance to communicate with people through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more.

John F. Kennedy

The United States has needed a leader with strong communication that can really get through the rough crisis. There are many Americans that dismissed John F. Kennedy as a strong communicator because they believe his superficial. But, in reality his just what the United Stated needed because he would actually explain what the United States was really going through in challenging conditions. He has always been in the public’s eye and over the years learned how to handle himself which helped turning his presidency. When giving speeches or talking to the public he entirely believed in the message he was giving although, many Americans are not impressed with his efforts. John A. Barnes states “He spoke with perfect ease and fluency but quietly, deliberately and with complete self-control, always on the happiest terms with his audience.” Communication is a huge piece that comes along with being a leader, with leadership communication might become something that slips through the cracks because the leader will think that he or she is working for the greater good. In all actuality it could be just working for the leaders benefits with blinding the public to follow what ever that leader is willing to share. Communication, confidence and facts cause people to trust and believe that this speaker is correct which will create trust that people know what they are doing. John F. Kennedy was a President of the United State that could connect to the American people by using truth, learned to address multiple audiences, and was open with society.