POHW After Poster

by Isabella Maihofer

1) Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running from several foster homes. In the end she is happy to be part of the Regan family.

"I have a last name now. It's Regan. I love the sound of it. I haven't forgotten Hollis Woods, who wanted and wished, fresh as paint, a mountain of trouble, so I sign my drawings with all three names. They all belong to me."page 165

2) Hollis' Trust

Hollis was more trusting and caring in the end because she cared for others rather than just herself.

"But it would make a difference. I wanted to call Beatrice first. I wanted to hear that she'd come to live with Josie."page 154

3) Tough Hollis

Hollis let herself cry because she always tried to be tough. Also, a tsunami of memories rushed back and she had to cry.

"I didn't cry then, but just for a moment. If I had let myself go I would have had a hard time stopping."page 141

4) Wish to Want

The "W" picture is what Hollis wished and wanted to have, and in the end, she has it.

"But the picture, and why it doesn't match the first one, the W picture: It's because I'm holding my sister Christina, six weeks old, in my arms." page 166

5) Kid for Izzy

Izzy has always wanted more kids and Hollis helped make that happen.

"We stand over her bassinet smiling at her, cooing. And Izzy always put her arms around me. "You brought us luck, " she says. So there are five of us now: a mother, a father, a brother, and two sisters. A family." page 166

6) Changing the Mind

Hollis had thought that she had been the wedge between the Old Man and Steven, but when she looked back at her pictures of them, she saw that they were smiling at each other and that she was not a problem.

"How had I drawn all that and not seen it? Of course the Old Man loved Steven. He was going to love him whether I was there or not. Had I given them up for nothing, the whole family?" page 150

7) School for Hollis

Hollis knew that she had to go to school for Josie so that the Mustard Lady would not find out that Josie was forgetful. By going to school, the Mustard Lady would not return to check on Hollis and Josie too often.

"I reached into my pocket and held on to the shell. For the first time in my life, I thought, I'd really have to go to school. I'd have to if I wanted to stay at Josie's." page 54