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January 2022

A Message from Mrs. Metheny

Happy New Year OES families,

I hope you had a wonderful winter break and it provided you with time to relax and recharge and spend time with loved ones. We are excited to be back at Oakleigh for the new year for in person learning as we know student learn best with face-to-face instruction. We know this comes with risks, and we will be sure to take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe learning environment. Please be sure to support this by following the stay-at-home guidelines provided by BCPS. There is a copy included in this newsletter for you to reference. In addition, it is extremely important that students come to school with a mask. This is particularly important if a student is riding a bus. Also, please take time to discuss with your student the importance of wearing their mask correctly while at school. We know this can be a challenge, however, it is the best protection against Covid.

Most student took devices home with them over winter-break in the event that virtual learning would be in place in January. If your student took their device home, please be sure to send it back with them as soon as possible. They will need this to access instruction during various parts of the day.

As we move into the January, please be aware that the marking period ends on January 21st. If your child has assignments that are missing and impacting their grade, please be sure to contact their teacher and make arrangements to make-up those assignments. That include grades that are marked β€œI” for incomplete. Grades marked as incomplete will default to an E if they are not made up. We want to ensure that students have every opportunity to show their knowledge and all assignments.

If your child is missing a jacket, coat, or hoodie, please be sure to have them check the lost and found. We have quite a collection in our lost and found.

As a reminder, all in-person before and after school activities are cancelled until January 7th. BCPS will reevaluate this as they monitor the positivity rate.

Thank you for all you are doing to support Oakleigh in keeping students and staff safe and well. Your partnership in this makes all the difference.

Mrs. Metheny - Principal

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All students should be coming to school daily wearing a mask. Masks are required on the bus and in the school building. Students tend to get their masks wet, broken, or misplace them at lunch/recess. Please consider placing a back up mask in students book bags in case of a need during the day.
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Spotlight on Music

In Vocal Music class the students have been working together to not only make great music with their voices but also with a variety of classroom instruments. They have been using their listening skills, teamwork and improvisation to create a safe environment where every student can express themselves musically. It has been so wonderful being able to make music together in person again!

Mental Health Corner- From Ms. Kersey

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

β€œMany people go through short periods of time where they feel sad or not like their usual selves. Sometimes, these mood changes begin and end when the seasons change. People may start to feel β€œdown” when the days get shorter in the fall and winter (also called β€œwinter blues”) and begin to feel better in the spring, with longer daylight hours. In some cases, these mood changes are more serious and can affect how a person feels, thinks, and handles daily activities. If you have noticed significant changes in your mood and behavior whenever the seasons change, you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression. In most cases, SAD symptoms start in the late fall or early winter and go away during the spring and summer; this is known as winter-pattern SAD or winter depression.

If you think you may be suffering from SAD, talk to your health care provider or a mental health specialist about your concerns. They may have you fill out specific questionnaires to determine if your symptoms meet the criteria for SAD.”

*National Institute of Mental Health

Technology Tips! from Mrs. Bley

Parents, BCPS Serve is back! This was the tech support ticket system we had before ransomware. If you need tech support over the break, visit www.bcps.org and locate the tab which says tech support. Click that tab to find the link for BCPS Serve.

Also, there is a great resource for device care on our BCPS Innovation Hub! Check it out here! BCPS Innovation Hub

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  • January 3rd- Schools Reopen
  • January 17th- Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Schools Closed
  • January 21st- 2nd Marking Period Ends
  • February 7th- Report Cards Distributed