Starting Up A Buessness

By Vin.V

Rachel, Maddie,Brandy,and Emily

started a business at Kennedy School. And make a verity of things you want to see, they do good work making things such as Bookmarks, Flower pens, and Boxes you wouldn't want want to miss out on. The business started on December 12 2015

They sell things at the School Store.

The group of girls found a Bookmark in the library and decided that it would be fun to make Bookmarks. The girls met up with Kennedy School principle to organize and have permission to sell them at the School Store the principle agreed and they where in business

This whole thing started to support cancer

they have an estimate of 55$ to their 300$ goal. Maddie and Morgan say (we'll just give the extra money to cancer) Maddie,Rachel,Brandy, and Morgan agree to give all the extra money to charity

The girls plan to keep raising

money until the end of the school year and may continue to sell Bookmarks for a while and a lot of people in need hope the girls reach their goal.