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December 2022

Braswell Families,

It is hard to believe that the first semester is already coming to an end. December means that we will see the next few weeks fly by. We have had the chance to celebrate many things this semester. From the opening of Carrico Stadium to celebrating the many successes of our student scholars, athletes, and fine arts groups, we could not be more proud to be a part of this Bengal family.

This time of year is one for reflecting on the things we are most grateful for and our team is so thankful for the support we have received from our community that we serve this year. Your partnership with our school is a gift to us!

Let's finish this semester strong.


Project Adoption Returns to BHS

The BHS Student Council helped organize a partnership between BHS and the Ann Windle School for Young Children. This has been a tradition that was put on hold the past two years due to COVID, so we were ecstatic to see this tradition return. Classes and organizations across the campus adopted over 50 preschool students where we had the opportunity to share some fun and excitement. Students and staff members collaborated by bringing in gifts, books, and treats to present to each student. Our students' hearts are huge and this was a great chance for them to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Semester Exams

Semester exams are right around the corner! This is an opportunity for students to show what they have learned throughout the first semester. Students will be reviewing in their classes and should plan to spend some time at home reviewing material from the first semester.


Can my student take their exams early?

No. Students who are absent for exams will need to make arrangements with their teachers to make up exams on January 3rd and/or January 4th. If your student is moving and will be withdrawing during exam week, please contact your student's counselor.

My student is passing all classes and does not have any absences. Are they exempt from exams?

All students must take semester exams in the fall, including seniors.

My student does not have a 1st, 4th, or 5th period class. What time should they arrive? What time can they leave?

Students need to arrive with plenty of time to make it to their classes on time. If their first class is scheduled for 11:00, they need to arrive at least 10 min. before their class begins. Students must stay for the duration of their scheduled class periods. If a student's last class ends at 10:55, they may leave when the bell rings.

How will semester exams impact my student's grade?

Q1 = 40%

Q2 = 40%

Exam = 20%

Semester 1 Average = 100%

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LaGrone ATC Students

  • December 9 & 12: ATC Final Exams
  • December 13th - December 16th: Students who have ATC classes will report to the Commons with Ms. Rhodes for attendance during their ATC class times.


The deadline to order graduation regalia at current prices is December 9th. Seniors must have a red graduation stole and tassel if they are borrowing a cap and gown. All seniors MUST have the red stole, black gown, black cap, and tassel to walk at graduation. We do not have any red stoles or tassels to loan seniors, these must be purchased.

Order your senior graduation items HERE.

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Congratulations, Seniors!! The college acceptance letters are rolling in and military enlistments are happening. We want to showcase your accomplishments on campus and on social media. If you would like to be a part of this opportunity, complete THIS form.

Click HERE to view some of our senior acceptances.


The last chance to purchase a senior ad in the yearbook is Friday, December 16, 2022 by midnight! Learn more and design your ad online at!

Course Selection

  • Current 10th graders will choose their 2022-2023 classes January 23rd - February 10th during their World History classes.
  • Current 9th graders will choose their 2022-2023 classes in February.


Mark Your Calendar

December 6 - STAAR English 1 for Re-testers

December 7 - STAAR Algebra 1, Biology, and US Hist. for Re-testers

December 8 - STAAR English 2 for Re-testers

December 9 - STAAR Re-testers Make Up

December 13-16 Semester Exams & Student Early Release

December 16 End of 1st Semester Grading Period

December 19 - January 2 - Student & Staff Holiday

Chromebook Insurance

Have you paid your student's $20 Chromebook insurance?

If you opted in to receive the insurance, but have not paid yet, click HERE.

Click HERE to opt in to the insurance and save money when accidents arise.

**Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches also qualify for a reduced rate of $10.**

Freshman Zone

To help expedite phone calls regarding freshmen students, please call 972-347-7981.

If you are checking a freshman out of school early, please use the freshman zone entrance closest to the stadium.

Is your student college, career, or military ready?

CCMR addresses preparing students for post-secondary plans including rigorous coursework like AP or dual credit courses, enlisting in the military, obtaining an industry certification or meeting TSI standards.

How can your student earn a CCMR point?

  • Score 3 or higher on any AP Test
  • Meet TSI criteria (SAT/ACT/TSIA/college prep course) in reading and mathematics.
  • Successfully complete a Dual Credit Course
  • Earn an industry-based certification.
  • Complete CTE coherent sequence coursework and receive credit aligned with approved industry-based certifications
  • Graduate with completed IEP and workforce readiness
  • Enlist in the Armed Forces
  • Graduate Under an Advanced Degree Plan and be Identified as a Current Special Education Student

For more information about college, career, or military readiness, contact your student's counselor or visit the TEA website HERE.

The Braswell Attendance Office has gone paperless.

If you need to submit a parent or a medical note you must use our NEW attendance link. We will not be taking emails or paper copies of notes. Please submit using the link below.


Please remember a parent/guardian (or emergency contact on your sign out list) must come to the office, show Identification and sign a student out of school if they are leaving campus early. Students who leave without signing out could face campus discipline or truancy reporting for leaving campus without permission. All notes for early dismissal should be submitted by the parent/guardian online through the attendance note portal on the Braswell website

EARLY DISMISSAL If you are signing your student out of school early for any reason, please come to the office, show your identification, and the office staff will call your student out of school. Please make sure you are sending documentation for the absence to the attendance office through the online link. All documentation should be submitted through the link as the attendance office is paperless now. The exception to this is if your student drives themselves to school. In that case, please provide a handwritten and signed note from the parent/guardian to the attendance office before the start of the day that says the students name, ID#, time needing to be released and reason needing to be released and the attendance office will provide a release note for teachers and office staff. Students will still need to sign out at the computer in the office. Remember to still submit documentation (doctors note, DPS, etc.) for the early release to the attendance online link. Please remember the office can NOT release a student via phone call or email.


If a student arrives on campus late for school they must sign in on the computer in the front office upon arrival. Notes for that arrival should be submitted by the parent/guardian online through the attendance note portal on the Braswell website.


If your student is marked absent in a class period that you or your student believe is an error, please email the teacher or have your student speak with the teacher who marked the absence. That teacher is the only one who can adjust an error. (The teacher of record for the class is also responsible for substitute attendance in their classroom)


Attendance notes are coded on to a student's attendance within 72 hours of the submission online. Please be advised, attendance notes submitted without the needed documentation uploaded will be Unexcused (UNX) until documentation is received. Parent notes for absences (for an approved reason) need to be submitted within 3 school days of the absence in order for the absence to be excused. All attendance questions are addressed in the Attendance Matters section of the Braswell website.

My student did not receive credit for a course they took last year. How can this be corrected?

If your student passed a class with a 70 or higher average but did not receive course credit, it is likely due to attendance. Click HERE to learn more about Loss of Credit due to attendance.

Your student may earn credit for the class by completing a plan approved by the principal or campus attendance review committee which allows the student to fulfill the instructional requirements for the class. For more information, contact Mr. Smalley at

My student needs a VOE for a permit. How can they apply to get one?

Your student can request a VOE HERE.

Plan ahead, VOEs are not available on demand. It takes 72 business hours to receive a signed VOE after request. A VOE is good for only 30 days from the date of issuance.

Conditions of a VOE: A student has

(1) met minimum attendance for class credit (90 Percent Rule) in each class

(2) received credit for all courses taken in the previous semester, OR

(3) has complied with the conditions established by the school to receive this VOE form

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About Us

Braswell High School opened in August 2016 and is named after former longtime Denton ISD teacher, administrator and superintendent Dr. Ray Braswell, who led the district during tremendous growth.

Established: 2016

Mascot: Bengal

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