Tierra Caliente

The Tropical Lowlands

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The Tierra Caliente is known for farming products that are good with the hot temperatures here. They are known for planting crops such as bananas, sugar cane, and rice.


When you are done farming on the plantations in the hot, humid air you can treat yourself to some bananas, rice, or even some real cacao. Some authentic Spanish food! Nothing better!


Due to the hot, humid temperature the indigenous people where very light clothing. In most places here it is tropical and in others it is desert so its very hot and in most places humid. Shorts and a tank top are most like the best way to go. Also, some tennis shoes and a sombrero. Keep the sun from beating down on your head!


Here in Tierra Caliente, mostly all of the homes are completely open awaiting a breeze to pass through. Some houses are on stilts to prevent damage from flooding. It's a good idea to build the houses with open areas for Breeze. The roofs are made of palm tree leaves and keeps the houses form burning year round.
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