Beers Law Lab

Background Information on Anesthesia

Anesthesia is used to help prevent any pain during a surgery. Anesthesia works by preventing sodium ions from going from one nerve cell to the next, which prevents you from feeling pain. Until the 1800s people had to have surgery awake and they could feel the pain because scientist didn't really know anything about anesthetics.

Pre-Lab Questions

1. I have had to get Anesthesia injected on my knee and my back. The first time I needed Anesthesia was when I was taking a shower and I fell and hit the soap holder which was made of ceramic and I got cut on my back, which caused me to get 15 stitches. The second time was when I had to get 5 stitches.

2. Some characteristics about Anesthesia that are desirable are that it relives you from feeling pain. It would relieve the patient from moving while a doctor is doing surgery.

3. A characteristic that wouldn't be desirable about an Anesthesia is that the person must be very, very careful on how much a person needs


1. We connected the Colorimeter to the computer.

2. We then filled the cuvette 3/4 with the 0% sample.

3. We inserted the cuvette in the colorimeter.

4. We let the absorbance data stabilize before we could press 'keep'

5. After collecting the absorbance data we, in this example, type in 0%.

We repeated all these steps until we got to the last sample and then we pressed 'stop' so the logger pro would stop collecting data.


1. Yes the concentration of Aunt Elsa's anesthesia was too strong. I know this because we collected the absorbance of Aunt Elda's and it turned out to have .409 concentration. The amount that was recommended for her was .223. Which means Aunt Elda was given almost double the recommended concentration for her.

2.These caused her death because she was given double the concentration recommended for her. Which means she overdosed and died because of this reason.

3. Without Beer's Law I wouldn't have known how to find the concentration. It helped me see the amount off light that penetrated through Aunt Elda's solution.

Making a 40% solution

Lets say you have to make 10mL.

1. Measure 6 mL of a solvent.

2. Measure 4mL of a solute.

3. Add the 4 mL of solute to the 6 mL of solvent

This is how you would get a 40% solution.