The Mesopotamia Times

By Nate Robinson

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A New Way To Store Water

Hello today the Agricultural Update is a new way to store some more water so you can water your crops during the dry season. A new invention the inventor named it a water tower it holds water. You can use it in the dry season now. We can have more food during the long and dreadful dry season.

Attention Bad Weather Coming

ATTENTION!!!! Bad weather is coming stay in your homes barricade the door. We are predicting that massive floods and stay off the the streets at all costs. Also after the flood we predict the dry season is going to come very early this year. Be ready for it, harvest your crops as soon as you can.

The latest Invention

MUST READ!!! Hello I am Johnequere I am selling a new invention it is called the wheel it will help you move stuff. Also it looks cool. Also You can ride on them. So you need to get this new amazing invention. It could save your life, you can have a lot of fun and do a lot of work and not be tired. And now King Sargon can now go places faster and so can his paid soldiers.

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