Sixth Grade

Classroom Guidance Lessons


Sixth grade classroom guidance lessons focus on leadership. Students will identify and reflect on what it means to be a leader. Students will learn how to lead, make decisions and solve problems. Students will reflect on their transition to middle school and how leadership can positively impact their transition experience.

Scope and Sequence

Lesson 1: Connections Part One (teamwork, communication, problem-solving)

Lesson 2: Connections Part Two (teamwork, communication, problem-solving)

Lesson 3: What's in a Name? (first impressions, qualities of leadership)

Lesson 4: More Like Me (values, self-awareness)

Lesson 5: Everyday Dilemmas (decision-making, ethics, values)

Lesson 6: Choosing Sides (self-awareness, tolerance, diversity, understanding social change, values)

Learning Targets

I have identified learning targets for sixth grade lessons in alignment with American School Counselor Association (ASCA) student standards. At the end of each lesson, students should be able to demonstrate mastery of the learning target.

Lesson 1: I can describe characteristics of a leader.

Lesson 2: I can explain the connection between teamwork and leadership.

Lesson 3: I can explain the importance of a first impression.

Lesson 4: I can define values.

Lesson 5: I can define dilemma and ethics.

Lesson 6: I can differentiate between a fact and an opinion.