Bullying needs to stop

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Bullying and Cyber bullying have very serious effects

Bullying and Cyber bullying can drive people to hurt, or even kill themselves. There is a kid who make a private video that fell into the wrong hands. It was posted and downloaded by 1,000's of people.There was even parodies such as the Matrix, and Lord of the Rings. Bullying and Cyber bullying needs to stop

Physical/Emotional Bullying

Bullying can have very serious effects. Most kids don’t want to be bullied. Some worry so much they commit suicide. Most victims don’t report the bullying that goes on. Did you know that 160,000 students skip school to avoid bullying? Also, 20% high school students considered killing themselves because of bullying. 50% bullying stopped because and anti-bullying program was running, thus if every school had one running bullying might be reduced. There is a solution, tell the bully “NO”! Let them know how awful it feels. Tell them it isn't okay. Most of the time, they are bullying to impress their friends. It helps in the long run if you report the bullying

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is the use of technology to harass or hurt someone. The last few years has been a huge conflict. Police are still trying to find the identities of the bullies. People don’t know, that cyber bullying is just as painful as physical bullying. But, Parents can be educated on it so they know how to respond. Have them monitor their child’s social media. Parents need to talk to kids about it. They can monitor their child's computer by connecting it to the house. Also, set it to log all I.M.s and see what others are saying and what they are saying. No one should suffer silently, and no one has it coming.

Cyber bullying can happen anywhere, and to anyone. It happens at home, and at school. Most of the time, teachers can't avoid it at school. But, forbidding technology isn't the answer. Did you know that 13% rumors are spread by girls online? Well they are! And 5% were mean posts online by boys. The other 7% and 8% were people impersonated (7%), and messages (8%).

In this paper you learned about Cyber bullying, Physical/ emotional bullying. Take this paper into consideration, and think that preventing bullying can stop terrible, terrible things from happening. If you see bullying make it stop.
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