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Basic Information

Capital: Kathmandu

Population: 27.8 Million

Type of Government: Federal Republic

Leader's Name: Ram Baran Yadav

Literacy Rate Male: 71%

Literacy Rate Female: 46%

Life Expectancy Male: 67.7 years

Life Expectancy Female: 69.1 years

Official Language: Nepali

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Type of Economy: Socialism

Country GDP per Capita: $2,406

GDP Rank in the World: 98

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Tourist Attractions

1. Kathmandu for Buddhist temples

2. Nagarkot, you can see the peak of Mount Everest here.

3. Pokhara for the tours here.

Historical Events

The birth of Buddha. In 563 B.C.E Lord Gautam Buddha the founder of Buddha was born in Nepal.

The Nepali Civil War. In 1996 a civil war between the Maiost rebels and government forces. The war ended in 2006 with the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

The first Nepalese elections were held. On August 15 2008 Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda was elected prime minister.

Current Event

40 people died on trekking routes during a catastrophic storm in the countries central Himalayans. This happened on October 21st.


Do you feel your countries economy is successful?

No because they have one of the worst GDPs in the world.

What is one company located in your country?

Hulls Motors.

Describe what this company does.

They make motors for commercial vehicles and mini utility vehicles.

What could your country do to improve their economy?

Since a big part of their economy is tourism they could build more hotels that people will want to stay at. Also since agriculture is a big part of the economy they could buy better farm equipment to get food faster.