Greek women saves a syrian man

Taelynn DeHart

How they found him.

The lady saw something in the sea she couldn't tell if it was a diver or what so she drove her motor boat out to the left, to avoid hitting the man. Then she saw that it was a man in trouble waving his arms. She threw him a life jacket as he struggled to get to it . The lady put out her hand and he grabbed it as the other people on the boat helped him onto the boat. He was so weak he couldn't stand or talk. All he managed to get out was that he was Syria.
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"I would've died in 10 or 15 minutes"

The man said after he got out the boat & the lady helped him and stuff that If she would of got there 10 or 15 minutes later she would of seen him dead. He said how it happen was that he was on a small boat with the rest of his family and it was dark and most people died he was one of the lucky ones.
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