The Popular One

Who are the ESFJs?

ESFJs are normally popular. They are the cheerleaders and the quarterbacks that set the tone for the rest of the school by leading them victory. They also are the ones you enjoy supporting their family and friends.


ESFJs are loyal, sensitive, and warm, which makes it easy for them to connect with others.

They have strong practical skills and a strong sense of duty.


ESFJs are constantly worried about their social status, and at times are very inflexible. They are also reluctant to innovate or improvise, and they can be vulnerable to criticism; they are extremely needy, but also can be too selfless.


ESFJs are extreme altruists, and they always want to do the right thing. This personalty type will judge their morals on rules and laws, and less about philosophy.


ESFJs are the ones who take time to hangout, and have a good laugh with friends. They tend to go further in relationships, and actually take what their friends say to heart. If anything is going wrong, it is the ESFJs who try and find the common ground.