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April 17-21, 2017

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from Bret-

I did not meet my goal this week and provided Tower feedback to two principals.

Explore updates are as follows:

· Current enrollment is 8,893

· Current online enrollment is 2,665

· The best enrollment tool is calling parents/guardians to explain the importance of Explore

Here is a quick and interesting read that might be good to share with teachers.

7 Things Great Bosses Tell Their Employees Every Day

Leaders have the power to get their people super motivated--or not.

Teacher Appreciation Banquet

Monday, April 17th, 5:30pm

2546 North Glenstone

Springfield, MO

5:30-6:30 Social Hour

6:30 Program begins

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3 Ways to Make a Difference This Week

A nice read... reminds me of what we do to start the year still applies to what we do to end the year.

from J-

As we enter the final stretch, I will thank you now for being beacons of positivity. Our calling and chosen profession is a blessing, and we are all tremendously blessed.

My constant thoughts and well wishes with you, your staff, and our students with end of year district and state testing. It's a fine balance between keeping all at ease and in a regular routine with allowing a healthy level of anxiety that invites them to perform at their very best. Them believing in themselves starts with the level of that you believe in them. Thank you for showing this belief in them; your example is your best leadership tool.

Besides testing season, it is also field trip season. A quick check of the handbook under the field trip section may wise to review. Beyond that, on occasion we have a parent who has the need to pick up their child from the field trip for various reasons, or they ask for the student to ride home with them. This is to be treated just as a parent signing out a student from school. A few related items:

1- Parents need to be a custodial parent

2- Parents can only transport their own student

3- Parents should connect with the school, and the teacher should connect with the principal for awareness of the situation. Prearrangement is best and requested, but on occasion not possible. Use professional judgment & wisdom.

I read many great articles this week - my fav is below: Hugging a Porcupine. What have you read lately that has made you stop & reflect, or given you a case of the feels?

I'll see a number of you this week - I'm working east side. But for all, let me know what support you need from me. Have a great week!

Hugging a Porcupine

One of the most powerful articles I have read. Please read this. Share it with your staff. Be reminded of the power that you have as an educator.

Breakout Game for Educators...