National Chocolate Day

October 28

What is National Chocolate Day?

National Chocolate Day is a special day three days before Halloween. If you have ever wanted all the chocolate you want, October 28th is the day to have it! Lush, creamy, choclaty indulgence can be yours! Celebrate with me and many more chocolate lovers!

Why is there a National Chocolate day?


National Chocolate Day was created for chocolate lovers- like you! Created to make your tastebuds sing with joy, this day is a fantastic holiday. What more can you say about a day made for chocolate?

How Do I Celebrate National Chocolate Day?

Well, there are a lot of answers to that. You can simply eat chocolate, or throw a chocolate party. Some suggestions for that would be brown decorations, lots of chocolate (naturally), and playing chocolate-themed games. An example of that would be: Can you guess the brand of chocolate you are eating? Other ways to celebrate would be games where chocolate was given if you won or did well. You could hide chocolates around the house and see who could find the most. I'm sure there are more, so get creative!