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Dogs don't like to be separated from their owner

Tips for Traveling with Your K9 Companion

Many hotels and accommodations now welcome dogs in their facilities. As a result, pet owners are looking for ways to make traveling with a dog easier. For example, a dog backpack such as those offered by K9 Sport Sack (www.k9sportsack.com) makes taking the dog everywhere the owner goes effortless. Following are some additional tips that every canine owner will find to be of great help when they are on the go with their furry friend.

Be Prepared

Avoid unpleasant surprises by preparing before you embark on your journey. What is permitted in one location may be frowned upon in another, so learn the local laws and guidelines. Furthermore, be sure to take the pet for a checkup before leaving, as a health certificate may be required in one or more locations. Don't forget to pack clothing for the dog also, especially when you will be visiting colder climates the animal may not be accustomed to, as this helps to prevent illnesses. Finally, take the dog on a trial run, especially if car travel will be involved. This helps to determine if the animal will become sick while traveling, so accommodations can be made to account for this issue.

Provide Identification

Nobody wants to travel to a strange location only to find they have lost their precious companion. Sadly, this does happen at times. Ensure the dog can be returned to you by providing him or her with a collar and ID tag at a minimum. It's best to also have the canine microchipped, as this makes it easier for vets and animal shelters to locate the owner in the event he or she is separated from the pet.

Choose Carriers That Accommodate Pets

Dogs don't like to be separated from their owner when in a strange place. Fortunately, many airlines now recognize this and will allow the dog to remain in the passenger compartment with the owner rather than being placed in the cargo area. Try to find an airline that offers this option, as you and your pet will both feel better during the trip and will be more relaxed when you arrive at your destination as a result.

The easiest way to keep a small dog safe is to keep him or her close to you at all times. With the help of a K9 Sport Sack (k9sportsack.com), doing so requires no effort on your part. Dogs love to stay close to their owners, so they won't complain when this accessory is used, and everyone can enjoy the trip and exploring a new area without worry. Check these backpacks out today.