Come Visit Spain!

Anastasia Kim, Period 06

Welcome to Spain!

Do you want to relax in the glorious, warm sun and watch your kids playing in the water, happily laughing and splashing each other? Well, then, Spain is just right for you! Spain is known for its beautiful countryside villages and homes, or the fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown there. A lot of people go there to tour the amazing art museums, or sunbathe in the warm sun. Come visit Spain, for you are sure to have a great time!

The Language Spoken in Spain.... and a Few Words You Must Know.

The language that is most often spoken in Spain is Spanish. Some of the more popular greetings are Buenos días (Good day), Buenas tardes (Good afternoon), Buenas noches (Good evening), and the more casual Hola (Hi). The young people of Spain ask each other the informal ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?) or ¿Qué tal? (How's it going?) instead of the formal greeting to adults. Most men and women who know each other quite well greet each other with a hug or a slight kiss on a cheek for women and a firm handshake for men.

Traditional Sweets

Mmmm! These delicacies looke delicious!

Where to go? What to see? What to expect? What to EAT?

If you go to Spain, there are many things to do and many things to do see. It is, after all, Spain. There are many places to go in Spain. You can go relax on the Mediterreanean coast, or go see the beautiful green pastures that are favored by many people. The Spanish enjoy soccer (which they call football), swimming, biking, and hiking. They also enjoy hunting, skiing, and fishing. The Prado in Madrid, which is Spain's most known art museum contains some of the world's most proclaimed art collections. The museum contains work by famous artists like Francisco Goya and Diego Velázquez, as well as other artists that are foreign to Spain. You can also go see the Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Center, where there are a lot of modern and old-style art, or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, which has a huge collection of European art collected since the 1200's to the 1900's. If you are not a fan of art, then you could pay a visit to the Museum of the America's, the National Museum of Archaeology, OR go tour most of the royal palace. If you want to go to Spain just in time for a big celebration, then you could go to the yearly Holy Week which is a celebration a week before Easter that the Christians of Spain celebrate. People come to villages from all over the world to enjoy the festivities. In the week that the people of Spain celebrate Holy Week, there can be people decorate the streets, building bonfires, dancing, singing, setting off fireworks, and holding parades, bullfights, and beauty contests. And last but certainly not the least, the food! Because Spain is one of the world's most leading countries in fruits and vegetables, there are so many delicious foods to eat!Some of the foods that Spaniards enjoy are pork sausages, ham, lamb stew, roasted meats, seafood, gazpacho (cold vegetable soup), paella (rice with fish, seafood, and/or meat), arròs negre (rice with calamari ink), and cocido (Castilian soup). Mmmmm!
The most widely-used religion in Spain is Roman Catholic

The Type of Government in Spain

Spain has a parliamentary monarchy. A parliamentary monarchy is a shared leadership with a monarch and his or her parliamentary. The parliamentary is elected every 4 years while the King rules until he dies. The king right now is King Juan Carlos I. He is the chief of state. However, the prime minister Mariano Rajoy is the head of government.

The Type of Currency and Exchange Rates

The currency of Spain is the euro. The euro is exactly 1.34617 US dollars, or about a dollar in US money.


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