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News from Room 215 for the week of November 17

Tisch's Tidbits

Spirit Wear

HOLIDAY SPIRIT WEAR TIME! We have a chance to order some great youth-adult items at a perfect price for the Holidays. The stadium chair will be a GREAT gift this year! Order forms are due back to school on November 19th. Finished spirit wear will be dropped off to your teachers by December 8th. Feel free to check out the SGE website for an order form and color pictures of the options. All money received after this date will be returned to you. PTO will receive a portion of each sale. HAPPY SHOPPING!


Just a reminder that we will go outside to recess if the temperature per the wind chill is 10 degrees or above. Please be sure your child has hats, gloves, snow pants, boots, etc. Children are allowed to play on the playground if there is snow only if they have snow pants and boots. Also, please be sure your child's items are labeled. Thank you!


It's that time to start thinking about the Specialty Book Exchange! Your child will come home with a child's name and the animal in which a book should be purchased. This will be a secret until the day of the winter party which will take place on Friday, December 19. Please write the child's name in which the gift is going to, but not your child's name. This makes it fun for the kids. :)

Thank you for ensuring your child's facts are here each day!

SGE Clinic

Families, as you change out your child's wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter, please consider donating your children's clothing to our SGE Clinic. We are in need of all children's sizes, but we have the greatest need for smaller sizes for our KDG darlings, this includes the need for store-bought and packaged undergarments. Any donation would be greatly appreciated!

Classroom Needs

We will be studying Native Americans this week. If you could please send in a paper grocery sack, that would be wonderful! Every child needs one. Also, we will be talking about earlier settlers and have some special things planned. If you are willing to send in heavy whipping cream and/or corn bread for next Tuesday, please let me know! Thank you in advance!


November 21-Western Wear Spirit Day

November 26-28-Thanksgiving Break

December 12-Specialty Fair 2:00-3:15 -Boards are due on this day!

December 19-Winter Party/Book Exchange

March 14-PTO Silent Auction

April 13-16-Spring Book Fair

Lots of Learning!



-fact families with multiplication and division

-how multiplication and division are tied together



-steps in a sequence

-Native Americans


-synonyms and antonyms


-informative writing

Life Lines



represent-to speak or act for another person or group

communicate-to make one's thoughts or ideas known using pictures, words, or gestures

tale-a true or fictional story especially one told in an imaginative way

artist-a person who is good at painting, music, writing, or craft

generation-all the people born and who live about the same time

preservation-the act of saving something as it is for the future

From the Desk of Nurse Twitty

I wanted to make you aware of a “pesky” situation that impacts schools around the country, often as the school year begins and after long breaks. Pediculosis, or head lice, is a condition that each year affects approximately 6 to 12 million children between the ages of 3 and 12 years of age, and about 1 in every 100 elementary school children. The most common symptom of head lice is itching and head scratching, particularly at night. Red bite marks or sores may also be noticed on the scalp. Head lice continue to be one of the most prevalent communicable childhood diseases among children, and outbreaks are possible whenever and wherever children gather. Screen your child regularly and notify us immediately if head lice or their nits (lice eggs) are detected. (We welcome the opportunity to teach those of you who do not know how to check your child for head lice). Working together helps protect all of the children, including your own. Thank you for your cooperation!

For more information please click the following links:



Staff Desert Dive

The PTO will be hosting a Dessert Dive for our wonderful SGE staff members on December 9th. We will be looking for yummy dessert donations - sign up will be available at soon!