Your Mother Was a Neanderthal

Jon Scieszka

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Plot Outline


TE:Fred,Sam,and I stood in front of a forest of strange trees and giant ferns.

Joe,Sam,Fred she pointed to the volcano in the

Rising Action;A volcano smoked ahead of us,but we didn't really notice any of that at first.

TE;Volcano erupting pg.1

Climax;when they say they need to find the book.

TE;its important to them pg.46

Falling Action;passing through the woods and fighting animals.

TE;Animals protected their property so they cant pass .pg.19

Resolution;By going to a huge cave and they saw it and took


Joe,Sam,Fred where thinking about going to the past. Then after thinking alot of math

that maked them go into their dream.They were always dreaming about what was the life before in old times .So they went back in time and that caused them lots of terrible problems.

The first thing they notice was that the three of them were standing around completely,unbelievably,and absolutely naked.

Protagonist and Antagonist

The protagonist are Joe,Sam,Fred and the mom because they are trying to find shelter to live.The antagonist are a mammoth some group girls that are mean and a dinosaur.

4 facts

The stone age period involved early men developing techniques and instruments for their most important need which was survival.The first substance that men made use of was stones and grass.Stones were used to light fire and grass was used to enhance the fire.Stone was used extensively to prepare and make weapons like hand axes,awls,and knives.


They like their home because they did not have to be chased by dinosaurs.They liked having big adventures.But they hated the math homework the teachers gaved them.

They also liked their house because they had their favorite friends that they always

talked to and played with them.