International Animal Rescue

Non-Profitable Organisation

Everyone has some kindness in them but it just depends on how much you carry out on that kindness, how far you go. Everyday money is coming in for those kind people who have shown their kindness through their passion and have started non-profitable charities. It's not everyday where you find these type of people in the world.

For example the charity, International Animal Rescue, is about caring about the welfare of domestic animals across the whole world and giving them the chance to be rescued and go through a recovery or rehabilitation stage so the animal has the highest chance of survival. They also educate people so they understand that they should alert the International Animal Rescue so that This includes many endangered species and animals which have a high-risk of becoming endangered as well. Generally the International Animal Rescue concentrates on the comfort and benefit of any animal.

The International Animal Rescue is a non-profitable organisation and was started in the UN (United Kingdom) and was founded in 1989. They provide hands-on care to those domestic animals suffering from any harm across the globe. They have their head-quarters in the UN but they have branches internationally in the United States, India, Indonesia, Malta and the Netherlands. Where they preserve and protect the animals there as well as educating them. One of their programs is helping the Borneo Orangutans.

This is, in my opinion, becoming successful because a certain Orangutan, named Pingky, has been chained to a tree for 13 years. This is important because in some undeveloped countries or developing countries the have no rule against having an Orangutan as a pet and people usually mistreat or malnourished them, because they haven't even got enough money to run there daily lives. So in the end the Orangutan is left like some piece of junk. And this is the story of one truly inspirational Orangutan...

Pingky was only a baby when her mother was killed before her eyes and she was taken away by her mother's killer as a 'pet.' As she was taken as a 'pet' it was more like she was being taken prisoner. The minute she got there a heavy iron chain was placed, taut, around her neck. Her 'stable' diet consisted of junk food, sweets and scraps and without the nutrients from the plants which she would usually consume from the forests.

Overtime she suffered from rotten gums and teeth. And with the unhealthy 'meals' she was given she grew incredibly overweight, with her growing incredibly bigger day by day, the chain didn't it stayed like that, causing her life for thirteen years against the trunk of the tree she was held captive to incredibly uncomfortable and excruciatingly agonizing time spent there.

But things do get better.

Once the International Animal Rescue was aware of this, they alerted one of their many other non-profitable partners. Orangutan Outreach. As soon as they had rescued Pingky she was transferred to International Animal Rescue and their aim was to get the chain off her neck. Can you imagine having to put through, basically your whole childhood, having to be stuck to a tree when people the same age are prancing around, discovering their new found world. Can you imagine the emotions that you would override you?

The chain was embedded so deep in her skin that it would be unsafe just to cut it because it was just too taut. Pingky needed the chain to be surgically removed in order to have the comfort like when she was younger. But along with the chain being surgically removed she needed five teeth removed and multiple fillings. But her condition is being restored and her health is going back to a healthy state.

In order to help others like her and other animals, go on their website and promise a payment every month or so and you are being a supporter. Organizing a fundraiser so people instead donate to the International Animal Rescue instead of bringing in presents. Also volunteering your own time will benefit the domestic animals that need our attention more than anything. If you donate money it goes directly to the UN head-quarters and then they disperse the money to benefit the animals that need it more than us.

And there is always hope...