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Exceptional Students...Exceptional Staff 4.19.16

Cincinnati Public Schools Wins ODE Grant

ODE-OEC is pleased to announce the recipients of the Innovative Strategies for Improving College and Career Readiness for Students with Disabilities grant.

An impressive total of 90 grant applications were submitted. One grantee was selected from each of the 16 State Support Team regions. OEC also designated funds to support the four grant proposals submitted by large urban districts. Grant proposals reflected a strong commitment to improve secondary transition services and post-school outcomes not only for students with disabilities but for ALL students. Cincinnati Public Schools received one of these grants, reflecting our strong focus on transition services for our secondary students.

To read more, check out this link.

Ed Plan

Rich Text options now available on the IEP Profile page.

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ESL Info

In April, the window for the AIR assessment will open. LEP students must take all sections of the assessment, but have a list of accommodations available to them. This list can be found in the Ohio Accessibility Manual through the ODE.

-The old rules for applying accommodations no longer apply

-Under the new rules, any LEP student is eligible for any accommodation no matter how long they have been in the country. It is up to a team of educators to decide which accommodations are best for each child.

The OELPA assessment window will remain open until 4/22. It is highly recommended that all OELPA assessment are completed before the AIR window opens to avoid an overlap.

If you have any student who enrolls and becomes identified as LEP before this window closes, they will need to be given all sections of the OELPA.


It's hard to believe that the end of the 2015-2016 school year is near, yet here we are! We appreciate that Intervention Specialists have been mindful of transition practices as we rolled out the strategic plan for seventh through ninth grade students. Just as we have focused on collecting data for students, we must also collect data for the initial year of implementation to inform our planning for next year.

The next Transition Coordinators meeting will be held Wednesday, April 20. We will be explaining the data collection process so we can then share a Google doc for teachers to complete. The sections shown below list the questions asked, which are based on year 1 of implementation. You will complete the questions for each student who is on your caseload in grades seven through nine. You will only fill out one section, either Journey A or Journey A Extended. If you are unclear please speak with your transition coordinator.

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Assistive Technology

Bookshare - Open up the world of Reading!

Do you work with students who cannot read traditional print books because of a visual impairment, physical disability or severe learning disability? If you are not already using Bookshare to provide accessible text for these students, now is the time to start! Bookshare provides the full digital text of over 401,060 books! This library includes both textbooks and novels. Bookshare books are “accessible,” which means students can read books many different ways. Take two minutes out of your day and watch this video about Bookshare. It’s guaranteed to get you motivated to open up the world of reading for your students!

Watch video here!

You need an account with in order to gain access to these materials. Find out more at and email Julie Bassett, Assistive Technology Intervention Specialist, at to sign up as a sponsor with the CPS Organizational Account.

Any U.S. student with a qualifying disability may join Bookshare.

Who qualifies for Bookshare?

Current Bookshare Sponsors

Thank you for giving the gift of reading to your students! Please help us keep our Cincinnati Public Organizational Account in order by taking a few minutes to review the grade level of your current members (the students on your caseload) and adjust their grade level to reflect their grade level for the 2016-2017 school year. *Thank you!*

Take some time to ensure that the novels and textbooks your students will be working with next year are part of the current Bookshare library. Just a quick search in the Advanced Search feature will do it (make sure you are logged into your Bookshare account).

Search for books here

Tips for searching

If a novel or text you will be working with is not available, now is the time to request that the good folks at Bookshare add it to the digital library! Bookshare cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time, but the earlier titles for the 2016-2017 school year are submitted, the greater the likelihood is that they will be part of the digital library when your students need them.

Request a book

Note: You must be logged into your Bookshare account to request a book.

Physical/Occupational Therapy Thoughts

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Co-teaching Roundtables Are Here

CPS intervention specialists are increasingly being asked to co-teach and collaborate with their fellow teachers in order to better meet the needs of diverse groups of students. These sessions will provide general education teachers, intervention specialists, and building administrators a forum for delving deeply into what co-teaching means. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers in other buildings to exchange ideas and grow professionally.

WHO: All intervention specialists, general education teachers, (it would be great to attend as a co-teaching pair if possible), building administrators

WHEN/WHERE: Mayerson, course number- 1991.6452

5/11/16: Becoming a Co-Teaching Model in Your Building

Please join us for the last session. We look forward to seeing you!

Did You Know?

If you have a document to which you want to add links to websites, you can do it without having to add a long URL. For example, you may have an online task for your students and you want them to go to a particular website. Instead of writing the directions like this:

Please go to the following website:

You can write: Please go to Desmos, and create a hyperlink to the word "Desmos."

If you are in Word or Google Docs, you simply highlight the word you want students to click on, then in the "Insert" drop-down menu, click on Link or Hyperlink. A window will open in which you can copy and paste the long URL. After that, the word you hyperlinked will be underlined and blue, so students know that it is a clickable link.

Remember when you are reading online that most underlined words are links you can click on to find more information!

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IS Curriculum Council

Tuesday, April 19th, 4pm

2650 Highland Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

ESP Curriculum Council

Tuesday, April 19th, 4pm

2650 Highland Avenue

Cincinnati, OH