Simon Birch Visual Project

By Jacob Meyer


Keep faith no matter what circumstances.
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I think that is the theme because he tends to mention a lot of things with faith. Shown when Joe's mother says to the Sunday school teacher "He has more faith than you'll ever know" (SImon Birch). Or after he accidentally killed Joe's mom he still believed god had a plan for everyone and that he still was destined for good things. My picture's theme is also quite relevant as well as relates to the previous theme involving faith. It is proven correct when Simon was prepared to give up hope on having a destiny, when all of a sudden destiny smacked him in the face like a UFC fighter

Simon's Character

Simon seems very mature, and somewhat wise from a few of his quotes. Such as when Simon stated "something I wanna do and something I do are two completely different things" (Simon Burch). I think he is also mature because even though he is very young he can take the thought of how he killed Joe's mother in a very adult way by continuing on with his life and doing good rather than never getting over it and sitting in his room the rest of his life.

Major Events

I saw Joe's mother walking along the side of the field to the stands. Then I saw the pitch going right down the middle. Coach always told me not to swing, but now he was telling me to. I knew he just wanted to finish the game and go home early, but I would show him. I swung the bat and hit the ball so far, but then too far, or not far enough. I killed her.

We were so sure that Mr. Baker was Joe's father so we decided to get some evidence. We went into the school through the swimming team and got into his office. Joe had to boost me up so my arm could fit in the mail slot so i could unlock the door. He went in and left me hanging. He found a baseball and stared at it for a little while and i asked of it was the baseball that hit his mother. He screamed 'It's not fair' and threw it through the window.

Joe and I were riding the bus and all of a sudden a deer went into the road. The bus driver tried to stop but had to swerve off into the woods. I can't believe him. he doomed us by swerving away from the deer then just left us all to die in that bus. I then realized though, that this was my destiny. God's plan was for me to save all of these children on this bus.