Why alcohol should scare us.

Think twice before pressing your lips to alcoholic beverage.

What could it possibly hurt in my body?

Your noggin, otherwise know as the brain can be affected various ways by consuming to much alcohol. Like the way it functions or appears over time. We also know that too much alcohol can take a toll on your liver as well. Developing serious inflammatory issues such as: Fibrosis, Alcoholic Hepatitis, fatty liver, & more. Your pancreas is one of the organs effected too. Alcohol can cause it to produce harmful substances leading to Pancreatitis. Adolescents of todays society should hopefully be aware of the dangers of drinking and be steered away. I'd be scared of drinking too if I were aware of all the risks.

Are you a moderate drinker?

Just a few drinks out with your buddies is moderate, and even comes with some heart health benefits. For example: 12 fluid oz. of beer is considered moderate. Drinking too much can come with the risks of certain cancers such as: mouth, esophagus, throat, liver and even breast. Yikes! Your immune system may even become effected and easily targeted for diseases. Most importantly your nervous system is affected in a negative way too.

Drinking isn't cool, it makes you act like a fool!

Author: Brooke Graalum

What happens to my nervous system?

It is said to be that scientist don't know a lot of the damages but most of us probably have a pretty good understanding. We do know that Neurotransmitter activity can be influenced. The neurotransmitter is a molecule said to make you feel good, relating to depression. Alcohol also increases the serotonin levels in the brain. Now we know where the hankering comes from. A lot more is to be said and research is still yet to come.