R-S Central Twitter Challenge

Connect with us using #rsclearning

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Why Twitter

Twitter is a form of personalized professional development? It's true! Become a connected educator in a way that no other resource can allow! Twitter instantly connects you to thousands of educators all around the world who are discussing issues that are relevant to you and your classroom. Making professional connections via Twitter can not only result in sharing of ideas and resources, but also combat the sense of isolation that many teachers experience. It's like having a professional development seminar available at your finger tips twenty-four hours a day! Go beyond your four walls, step out of your comfort zone, and jump on the Twitter bandwagon!

Twitter Challenge Timeline

Day 1

Sign up for a Twitter account. Make sure you change the egg to a picture, and update your profile so that others can see your role in education, passions, and interests. If you already, have an account, help someone get set up! Share your Twitter handle with us by tagging #rsclearning as part of your first tweet. You have to use #rsclearning to get credit for the post.

Example first tweet: Hello excited to be in the challenge. #rsclearning.