Bobcat Bulletin

December 14, 2015

Dear FSS Staff,

Happy Monday! I wish you a wonderful winter break with your families. It is important to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the down time. Promise me you will spend time with friends and family, eat yummy food and stay in your PJ's at least one day. I will!

Information to know about.

STEM 411- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our district/school have begun to infuse these concepts into our instruction. We will slowly introduce you to all the components of STEM. James Masters and a small team of teachers have been detailing out our FSS STEM plan. The plan will unfold over the next three years to help sustain our growth in STEM. We started with technology 1:1 and internet safety trainings. Chromebooks are close to being in the hands of all students. We will look at Next Generation Science Standards next year. STEM is not an isolated content/curriculum, it is built into ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies lessons. This is very new to all of us. We will learn from those that have gone before us as well as each other.

Benchmark 2- We will no longer give the Interim SBAC Summative Assessment for Benchmark 2. We have learned that this test mimics the official SBAC in length with very little data to analyze. We will instead give the End of Year Summative for Benchmark 2. This will show us how ready we are for SBAC. We will be able to look at the scores and plan our next steps of instruction.

Block assessments-You will want to give students exposure to the SBAC prior to the real test. The CAASPP website has Block Assessments that students can take in a short amount of time. There are sub tests in ELA and Math you can assign for independent work on chromebooks or do together as a class. In PLC this week, go to the CAASPP website. (Sara sent you a user name/password) Become familiar with the Universal Tools. We committed to two Performance Tasks each month. You can find these on this website.

SMART goal and planning day-All dates are on the calendar. The day will consist of looking at benchmark 1 scores and creating SMART goals to address student needs. The other half of the day will be planning for the rest of the year. This is a good day to look at the SBAC Block Assessments.

Mini PD's-James will be hosting another one today. He will help you navigate through Google Apps. Please let Yvette or James know of other areas you need help with. They will schedule these in January.