5 Ways to Take a Stunning Photo

By: Mary Talarico

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Move Your Subject Out of Their Comfort Zone

Dominic Talarico gets ready to catch a Frisbee in his drive way. On a warm Saturday day Dominic plays a game of Frisbee against his brother Tony Talarico and friend Brice Waller. "It seemed like we haven't had warm weather in a long time, so I decided to play" says Dominic.
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Alter Your Perspective

Brice Waller holds his Frisbee waiting to resume a game. Sitting on a tress stump in John Talarico's yard Brice holds his Frisbee catching his breath. "even though its not even 70 degrees right now, after the cold weather this heat is a shock" comments Brice.
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Play with Eye Contact

John Talarico stands in his front yard watching a game of Frisbee. John Talarico is watching his two sons Tony and Dominic play with their friend Brice Waller in his yard. "It's nice to finally be outside without a coat on" says John Talarico.
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Break the Rules of Compostition

Sofia Talarico watches TV in the dark. Close to bed time Sofia Talarico watches an old Disney movie called "Sky High". "I really like this movie", says 4 year old Sofia.
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Obscure Part of Your Subject

Mary Talarico blocks the sun from her eyes watching her brothers and friend play a game of Frisbee. Mary Talarico is waiting for a game of Frisbee to end on a Saturday night so that her family can leave for a party. "I have been waiting for at least a hour, I am not going to be able to wait any longer" she comments.