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Dear parents, teachers, and students,

Our NBES family is working very hard to build a strong community where we can thrive as learners. My goal is to provide you with a powerful toolbox to ease your labors. I have put together some useful tips and tricks, and helpful links directly related to the learning paths at NBES. Keep up the hard work, and be proud to be part of such a wonderful team!


Monique Dubuc

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The struggle is real and this math is hard!

As we all know, the way we learn math has changed and many parents are struggling to be able to help their children. This is nothing to be ashamed of, many of us are new to this!

NBES is proud to be implementing EngageNY across the grades! Please find below the links for the EngageNY math curriculum in both English and Spanish. The curriculum is set up as Modules and there are lessons in each module. Each links below starts at the first lesson of the first module.

HOMEWORK: Each homework sheet has codes to direct you where to find the lesson on line. In the top right is where you will find the grade and the module number. For example, if it says 5.2 at the top right it means 5th grade Module 2. In the area at the bottom of the sheet it is will say the lesson number and a brief description of what your student is learning in the lesson. Once you locate the grade, module and lesson number, you can access the exact lesson from the classroom with guides as to how to complete the math.

Math skill builders and fluency practice

The following links are math websites we use at school and encourage students to use at home to keep their basic math skills fresh.

Literacy Coaches: Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan

We are blessed to have two amazing literary coaches with NBES for the next five years! They are working hand in hand with us to help create a powerful reading core for our students and promote literacy throughout all of our lives.

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Printable Reference Sheets:

These are some printables to use at home or at school.