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History of Bulgaria

Bulgaria was not one of the founding nations in 1957, but was inducted in January 2007. Bulgaria originally was communist and lived under rule by the U.S.S.R or The Soviet Union, but East Europe was freed from Soviet control and was give freedom. Now Bulgaria is a Federal Parliament Democracy under a Constitutional Monarchy. Bulgaria was founded in 681 AD, and is currently apart of the European Union.

Bulgaria's Currency

Currency Type

Bulgaria currently uses the Bulgarian Lev, which is worth around half of a U.S dollar. The Lev is interesting because it doesn't follow the E.U's style of currency, which is the Euro. It's the main currency in most of Europe. The Lev went through 4 periods throughout the 18th and 19th century, which was mainly fixes in the composition and mount of each Lev, originally the Lev was three amounts of money, now it goes through 100.
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Flags History

The flags coat of arms comes from Isar Ivan Shishmar, the most powerful ruler of Bulgaria, leader who has a lion represented in gold and is holding a red shield. The flag incorporates some early revolutionary colors that were used against the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century.
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Bulgaria shares borders with Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, and Turkey. Two mountain ranges and two great valleys mark the topography of Bulgaria, a country the size of Tennessee and situated on the Black Sea. Given it's small size Bulgaria has a large variety of geographical features which include costal plains, and central plateaus.
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Capital and Other Major Cities

Bulgarias capital is Sofia which holds 1.211 million people. It is also the 15th largest city in Europe, and the biggest population in it's country. Next is Plovdiv with 338,153 people, following is Varna with 334,870, next is Burgas with 200,271, and last is Ruse with 149,642.


Sunny Beach is the largest and most popular beach resort in Bulgaria. It is a Blue Flag winning resort, located in a picturesque and ecologically clean gulf on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, close to the town of Nesebar, the yacht port of St. Vlas resort and the international airport of Varna (30 km). Sunny Beach is situated along the widest beach strip. With its hundreds of restaurants, and multiple entertainment and shops the resort attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. The tourist season here lasts from May trough October.

3 Interesting Facts

First Electronic Computer

Did you know that the first electronic computer was made in Bulgaria? Along with the digital watch and airbag, Bulgaria was the first to make the electronic computer.

Longest Name

Bulgaria is the the longest and oldest country to keep there name since it was established in 681 AD.

Unique Agreement Method

Last but not least, Bulgarians will shake there heads instead of nodding when they agree with someone or something.