Secret Santa!


What? Why?

You know what Secret Santa is, don't you? If you don't, I'm kinda dissapointed but I'll explain. Secret Santa is when you get a person who you give a gift for, and someone gets a gift for you. The trick is, you don't know who's giving you a gift. Hence the Secret of Secret Santa. Anyway, we're doing a Secret Santa for ourselves! Yay, right? HECK YEAH!

But you didn't answer my other question- why?

To give everyone a very merry Christmas (or other holiday)! Why not, right?

Well how is this gonna work?

If you sign up, I'll assign you a person to give a gift to. On the day of the exchange (date TBD), we will all put our gifts on a table, and guess who gave each person their gift. Make sure you only put the name of the receiving person, not you, the giver. Whoever gets me as a receiver, you will do a present for my brother, Sam.

What if someone doesn't get a gift?

You and your questions! We will have some people be replacement Santas, who will give gifts if someone does not get one or their gifter is unable to provide one.

What if-

STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS! Oh my gosh, CHILL OUT! Really! Eventually I'll post an FAQ, or you could just ask me! Are we cool now?

No, we are NOT cool! How do I join?

The form is below!

OK I'm really exited!

ME TOO! Here's the link to view this online: