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February 7, 2017

Fish Poop & Plants... A Match Made in Heaven

We're getting ready to go to Falling Waters Farms and learn more about aquaponics systems... but we worked on some designs to bring with us to show the people helping us build the system in the meanwhile.

Fast Five in Class

What We've Been Doing!

1) We are continuing to do a great job in Reading with our book clubs! Enthusiasm for sharing our favorite characters has been through the roof! We've also been doing lots of deep thinking about characters and problems in the text. Students will be assessed for mid-winter reading levels in February.

2) We did an AWESOME job sharing our opinion writings through making short videos with the iPads. Students had excellent speaking skills and confidence when sharing their opinion writings. We split up in the weeks before ISTEP-- third grade will be working on improving their confidence with test writing, and second grade will be working on having fun with point of view writing.

3) Aquaponics is the name of the game in Science and Projects these few weeks. We will get closer to the build stages of our aquaponics system, visit a REALLY BIG aquaponics system, and learn about food distribution-- where our food REALLY comes from-- as we move forward.

4) In Math grade 2 we are working on showing place value through hundreds as well as working up to adding 3-digit numbers.

5) In Math grade 3 we are working more advanced addition and problem solving. We will also review geometry and area concepts in the next few weeks.

Around the School

It's the last week of our classroom fundraiser! It's not too late to send in money!

Our class will NOT have a Valentine's Day Party, but you may send in Valentines with your students. Just like last year, if you send your child with Valentines, please make sure there is one for everyone (there are 13 of us) This is optional, and they will be exchanged at the end of the day.

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