Benjamin Harrison

The 23 President

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Before Presidency

Benjamin was born in August 20 1833, North Bend, Ohio. His parents names were John Scott Harrison and Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin Harrison, but he had no brothers or sisters. He graduated from college from Miami University. His religion was Presbyterian. He was a Lawyer before he was president. His childrens names are Russel Benjamin Harrison, Mary Scott Harrison, and Elizabeth Harrison. Now look at when he was a president!
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During Presidency

Benjamin was president from March 4, 1889-March 3, 1893. His political party was Republicans. His Vice President was Levi P. Morton. His best friends were David Josiah Brewer, Henry Billings Brown, George Shiras. Jr, and Howell Edmunds Jackson. While he was president the worst problem was the issue of tariff. Now look at him after he was president.
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After Presidency

Benjamin's last job was being in the head counsel of Venezuela. He died in 1901 of pneumonia. That's it for now. Bye!