NUT Young & Early Careers Teachers

The story so far!

A great start!

Hi All,

I know that this 'NUT Young & early Careers Teachers' is very new! I only completed my Young Teachers Officer (YTO)training a couple of weeks ago, but I think we've had a great start with the lunch two weeks ago and the NUT Hampshire YT event on Saturday. There will be MUCH MORE to come in the new academic year. Read on to find out more!

NUT Hampshire Young Teachers (YT) Event - Saturday 20th July

On Saturday Gemma Holt and I went along to Winchester for a 'CPD Crawl' organised by Carole Brown (Hampshire's YT Officer). We went to three pubs in Winchester, had a few drinks and some lunch (all paid for by the NUT - our travel was paid for too!) and at each venue there was a different speaker. At the first pub Amanda Martin (NUT Executive Member) spoke about the work that Portsmouth Division had done to encourage YT's involvement in the Union. They get 60+ YT's attending their events - something to aspire to. Then we went on to the second pub with Dan Thompson (Regional Organiser) talking about his work and the YT Event he is running in Brighton in November (more details on that to follow). Finally we went to pub number three, ordered our lunch and whilst we waited Mike Fleetham of Thinking Classroom fame (click on the link below) did a short session on 'Surviving in a Govian World'. The session was great, really inspiring and there were loads of ideas to steal even in a short 20 minute session. I'd definitely recommend you look up his work. I'll be giving you more details on his work in the September edition of this Newsletter. A great time was had by all and I'd definitely recommend these events to anyone.

How I got involved in the NUT.

Some of you may be wondering (some of you may not!) how I got involved in Union action. I only got involved last year and it was because of the strike action. I didn't know if I should strike or not, I didn't feel well enough informed, and possibly more importantly I didn't know if the NUT was the Union that represented my views. So I went along to an AGM and did a bit of reading. The AGM was interesting, mainly because I bought the average age down (a lot!). At the AGM I was given the opportunity to go to the NUT Annual Conference over Easter. Conference was mentally busy, pretty much 5 days of listening/voting and meeting lots of different NUT members. There were loads of great social gatherings going on too. I even spoke at Conference, which was terrifying, I had no intention of speaking, but an amendment to a motion came up that I felt passionately about, so I put a card in to speak! I spoke about how the age for YT's should not be lowered to 30 (I'm 29 now so that wouldn't give me much time!) and Amanda Martin quoted what I said at the YT event this Saturday!

Anyway, at Conference I went along to the YT event, met loads of great, passionate YT's who told me I should go for Young Teachers Officer (YTO) and that's what I've been working on most recently. So I am YTO for Yateley School and at the next AGM I am putting myself forward to be YTO for North East Hants (NEH) our Association. So that's my story so far.

The reason I want to really pursue the Union work is that I think it's really important to represent yourself, it's also really empowering to actually be doing something rather than just complaining. I'll be writing more about what it means to be active within the Union, and there are lots of different ways that don't involve attending meetings and rallies.

Rally for Education

Saturday, Sep. 14th, 11am

London, United Kingdom


In April and May of this year there have been loads of really well attended rallies for education. Unfortunately the media coverage has been minimal.

You may or may not be aware that on June 27th our NUT and NASUWT colleagues went on strike. The strikes caused almost all schools in the North West to be closed, yet there was little to no media coverage. This strike was the first in a programme of rolling strikes that will continue through the Autumn Term (click the link for more info - The strikes are against the continuing attacks against teachers pay, conditions and pensions.

The rallies which are taking place in London and Nottingham in September aim to raise the profile of the historic NUT and NASUWT joint action in the run up to the rolling strikes that will continue in the new academic year.

I would love to take a group of Yateley YT's along to the rally in September, so put the date in your diary and I'll be in touch in September!

See below for more details.

London Saturday 14th September 2013
Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London, Greater London SW1P 3EE
11.00 to 12.30
Speakers: Christine Blower, General Secretary, NUT; Patrick Roach, Deputy General Secretary, NASUWT
Directions to venue:

South East YT Event - Brighton

Friday, Nov. 8th, 5pm

Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton, England

Just preliminary details for now, but get the date in the diary!

A weekend event in Brighton for South East YT Members.

If there's anything in particular you'd like to do as part of the weekend just drop me an email!

Have a great summer...

Have a fantastic, fun, restful summer holidays!

There will be lots of Union events taking place in the new academic year so stay tuned!

There will also be Facebook and Twitter account for our area too!

Amy x