Energy of the Future

By: Siena Wand

The Three Energies of My Choosing

Energy is a huge part of this world. I mean lets face it, we wouldn't be ALIVE without energy. These are three of the most important energies that are released.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy is stored in the nucleus of an atom. Huge amounts of this energy can come out when nuclei are combined or split. Nuclear power plants can tear apart the nuclei and uranium atoms. This process is known as Nuclear fission. Our sun mixes the nuclei of a hydrogen atom, this makes Nuclear fusion. Nuclear Energy IS renewable because of its low carbon emission characteristic.

Sound Energy

Sound Energy is made when a force causes an object/substance to vibrate. Sound moves in longitudinal waves (compression/ rarefaction), the energy is then transferred through the substance of the wave. Normally, sound energy is much smaller than any other energy.

Radiant Energy

Radiant Energy is indeed an electromagnetic energy comes in transverse waves (crest/trough). This energy does include visible light , gamma rays, radio waves and x rays. One type of Radiant Energy is light. Also, sunshine is considered Radiant Energy, which is what gives the Earth fuel and warmth making life possible.

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