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January Newsletter

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to...

1/2: Opal S.

1/6: Hayden C.

1/6 Gavin P.

1/7: Annebelle S.

1/9: Jack T.

1/10: Ms. Cheryle

1/10: Ms. Cailee

1/16: Ms. Keri

1/24: Chase P.

1/28: Emma S.

1/29: Mrs. U.

1/30: Cruz U.

Happy Anniversary to....

1/25: Alexis M. (1 year)

Letter From the Director

A New Year a new set of goals! Did you know that a hundred laughs are equal, as a

healthy exercise, to ten minutes of rowing? Think about it, you don't have to leave

your house and go find a boat to row. You can just laugh. Laughter is free and fun.

Did you know it's contagious? Have you ever been in a serious meeting or in a quiet

place when something you thought of brought a smile to your face? I have a very

good friend love to be with, because we appreciate each other's sense of humor

and find silly things to laugh about. Maybe we are catching on to the healing power

of laughter! We need to laugh. We also need to become more gentle with

ourselves. Humans are the only life form that laughs. Laughing is a coping

mechanism that can help us tolerate pain. Laughter is sometimes appropriate when

we feel we need to get over self-imposed sadness. At other times, we need to deal

with the pain that we may try to disguise with humor.

What do I have to gain by laughing at myself?

When we are able to laugh at ourselves, we give others permission to also laugh,

and we share a little of ourselves. Laughing at oneself is a great technique to use

with children, because it teaches them how to develop a sense of humor.

I decided to make a list of 15 survival tips, maybe some of these will help you!

1. Take a deep breath. Take three more deep breaths.

2. Close your eyes and picture yourself somewhere, safe and relaxed.

3. Develop a professional support network.

4. Go out for lunch with a friend, and don't talk about work.

5. Take action now and make positive changes. Don't be a victim.

6. Take a bubble bath.

7. Laugh out loud at a funny joke.

8. Go try on funny clothes with a friend.

9. Find releases for your feeling of stress: dance, listen to music, walk, swim or

read a book to a child.

10. If shopping is your thing, go spend time at a mall.

11. Buy a jar of bubbles, and do what your mother told you never to do: blow the

bubbles inside the house, or keep them in your car, and blow them out your window

because you can.

12. Make a To Do List of things you have already done, just for the fun of crossing

them out.

13. Pop popcorn without a lid on the popper.

14. Play a board game with your child(ren).

15. Grab to go food, get in comfy clothes, and sit on the couch watching your

favorite shows.

Donovan Family News

As many of you have heard we are expecting a miracle from God. We are due with our little bundle of joy June 28, 2017. Due to the complications and problems we had when I was pregnant with our son K.J., the doctors in Iowa City and Dubuque are monitoring me very closely. I will be cutting back on my hours and so if you do need to get in touch with me, please feel free at anytime to e-mail me or call me directly.

Pajama Day

There is nothing better than rolling out of bed and coming to daycare in your pj's. Parents love it because it makes getting the kids out of the house a bit easier. Kids love it because pajamas are comfortable! Pajama Day during the month of January will be on Wednesdays. Please remember that we still go outside so shoes must be worn. In addition, make sure if your children wear footie pajamas that that the bottoms are not slippery!

This and That

1. Please remember to dress your children according to the

weather. When the temperature is fit we take the children outdoors

to enjoy some fresh air.

2. We are asking ALL parent to NOT allow your children to hang on

the front door and NOT to touch the clock in system. We are finding

these are not lasting us and we are hoping to get a few more years out

of the system.

3. Dubuque Community School District will resume classes January

3rd. This includes the free four year old Preschool program!

4. SAVE THE DATE! Do you want to start eating healthier?

I want to start feeding my family healthier meals but I don't

have the time. Well my friend Kris is going to show us some

fast/healthy meals we can make in under 30 minutes, start to finish.

So join us: Thursday January 5th 6:30pm

GracePoint Church 3100 Windsor Ave.

RSVP to Melissa. Come HUNGRY we will be making all easy

healthy recipes and bring a friend or two, more the merrier!

5. No School for Dubuque Community School District Monday

January 16, 2017. This includes the free four year old Preschool

program. Childcare will be available. Please let Ms Jill know by e-

mailing her @ if your children will be

needing care.

6. Melissa will be teaching another CPR/First aid class on Tuesday,

January 17, 2017 starting at 6:00p.m.

7. Melissa will be out of the office and unable to be reached from

Friday January 27, 2017 through Sunday February 5, 2017. If you are

in need of any help please speak to Ms Jill.


Family Fun LOVE night will be held on Thursday February 9, 2017

starting at 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Extra Clothes

Please remember to bring your children a couple extra set of clothes including socks. It is easier for the team if you label the clothes and or place them in a labeled gallon ziplock bag.